Sisters at War - Book 1 in the Turbulent Times series

 It's 1913

Eighteen-year-old Rose Strong has loved childhood friend Michael Redfern for as long as she can remember.

Rose's sister, the beautiful but complicated Delphi is envious of Rose and deliberately misleads her. Believing Michael loves her sister, Rose vows to keep her feelings hidden. 

When war breaks out, Michael enlists, and Rose fears for his life as he heads to the trenches of France.

As the war rages on, Rose strikes up a friendship with Thom, a budding engineer. When Thom's feelings grow warmer, Rose must decide whether she is prepared to betray her heart.

Delphi joins the Women's Auxiliary Army Corps while Rose remains at home. It seems Michael and Delphi may grow closer.

But... Delphi is harbouring a secret of her own.

Will Michael make it home safely? Is he destined to be with Delphi?

Or could Rose be the one to win his heart…?

SISTERS AT WAR is a breathtaking romantic saga set in England and France during World War 1. It was previously published as Flowers of Flanders but has been substantially re-worked.



England, 1914
When the man she loves deserts her, young Pretoria Redfern is left broken-hearted. Facing public embarrassment and scandel, her family suggests she becomes betrothed to another as soon as possible to deflect gossip.

Nathaniel Moore soon asks for her hand, having harboured a secret love for Pretoria and wishing to protect her. She senses his kindness and honesty and accepts his proposal, tentatively settling into married life

But with Britain at war with Germany, the newlyweds' peace is soon disturbed. Feeling duty-bound to serve his country, Nathaniel enlists and leaves for the front line in Europe.
Though not in love with her husband, Pretoria begins to miss his warmth and companionship. She longs for his safe return. 

However, a shadow from her past reappears and Pretoria must decide where her happiness truly lies.
Will Nathaniel survive the war and can Pretoria learn to share her secret  and open her heart to him or will distance drive them further apart?

THE WARRING HEART is a breath-takingromantic military saga set in war-time England, and                                                               Belgium during World War 1



COMING - 16th November 2021. 
Resistance of Love - Book 3 in the Turbulent Times series but continues the story from Sisters At War

Delphi's peaceful new life is threatened by the spectre of war...


England 1927

After spending ten years in Australia, Delphi Strong is on a ship back to England with her daughter, Flora. While on board, Delphi meets Rainier, a charming vineyard owner on his way back home to France. Forming an instant attraction, the two share a whirlwind romance before disembarking.

Unable to forget her, Rainier crosses the Chanel a few months later and asks Delphi to marry him. Delphi accepts and she and Flora join Rainier in France.

However, their idyllic lifestyle is shattered when war breaks out again, and the Nazis begin to occupy the country. Forced to flee to the Free Zone further south, the family must now pull together to resist the enemy.

Can Delphi keep her family safe? Will they find a way to defy the occupying forces, or will the brutal regime destroy their peace forever.

                 RESISTANCE OF LOVE is a page-turning romantic saga set in England and France before and during World War II

Bird In The Hand

It's 1970 and the height of the sexual revolution and independence for young people.

Set in Cornwall, Charmian is worried her future is mapped for her and repressive. She craves freedom and excitement. That's not quite what she gets.

Bird in the Hand is a story of making decisions for others which reaps heartache. Charmian has two birds in the hand and a third on the way. What's a girl to do? 

Charmian and her family have much with which to come to terms and which 'bird' will she end up with? 
An uplifting story. Live, laugh, cry with and love these characters. Lose yourself in a 'feelgood' holiday read.


Bird in the Hand eBook : Rendle, Ros: Kindle Store CLICK THE LINK TO BUY


Why does life always seem so complicated for Delphi? Is it her own making?

She must sort things out now 

Having fled the wrath of her sister and certain disgrace in 1917 Delphi, ten years later, is now returning from Australia so that her daughter might meet her English relatives.

She is beset by demons from her past as well as her future but determined, as always, to make amends.

When she meets Rainier Harman on the ship home, her life takes another twist where loyalty and duty are at odds with desire yet again. For him too, there are responsibilities to which she must attend in France.

This novella completes the story of Delphi and her sister Rose which is told in the award-winning 5* 'Flowers of Flanders', available from Amazon or in paperback from the author.






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Jen and Mike Lucas are happily married, or so Jen thinks. Recently Mike has been short tempered and cranky, but Jen thinks that has to do with how much he dislikes his job with a finance company. Jen, on the other hand, loves her job as a teacher. She’s just started at a new school. She also makes more money than Mike, which he mentions often. As they drift apart, Mike spends more and more time at the gym, while Jen tries to save their marriage.

When one of Jen’s students, young Charlie Mayhew, suffers a terrible fall from his bike and cracks his skull, Jen lends support to his father, Christopher, a single father who lost Charlie’s mother to cancer. When Mike is upset about this, Jen wonders why he is being so difficult.  Then one day in the staff room, a teacher who has never been particularly nice to Jen, says she saw her husband, Mike, at the gym, being friendly with a red head. Jen dismisses it, knowing the red head is Diana, a friend of theirs. A few days later, while doing some cleaning, Jen discovers something that turns her world upside down. As Mike moves out, Jen has to figure out what she wants, and it looks less and less like her husband, especially now that Christopher Mayhew has asked her out. But then Mike gets some bad news, and Jen needs to help him. Despite everything, she is finding it hard to end her marriage. As the summer draws to a close, Jen has some 

decisions to make, and what she decides will shock everyone, even Jen herself.


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It is France in 1940. Delphi, Rainier and their daughter Flora must flee the Nazi advance. They go to the vineyard of her step-cousin Luca in the Vichy Zone Libre.


Despite Luca's resentment of Flora she is attracted to him, but there is a traitor among them and he is mysteriously absent much of the time.


Then there is her employer, Andre, mayor, sponsored by the Nazis, but he is lonely after the death of his wife and young daughter. Should Flora spy on his activities, betraying his trust and friendship, and putting herself and her family in danger?


Resistance fighter or collaborator; petulance or passion; divided loyalties and discovered love.


This is a love story and a thriller set during turbulent times in France. It, too, has won awards.






                                                        If you would like a paperback version of this book, either e-mail me for a paypal invoice or send a cheque for                                                          £8.00 (postage included).




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